How to stop waiting around

No, we don’t mean waiting for a bus, it’s waiting for people.

Yes, it does sound strange but waiting around for people is really toxic, and here’s how to stop it from affecting you.

How many times did you wait for a reply from your friends, or a compliment or a reaction? How many times did you wait for them to start a conversation but, they never did? How many times did you hope to get the comfort you’ve always wanted from these people around you?

It’s really draining when it comes to waiting around for people to give us the bare minimum when we’ve done nothing but give everything we got.

Here’s why it’s important to stop waiting around for people:

It’s draining: it’s a high energy drainer that makes you wait and anticipate till disappointment.

It’s self-degrading: because you deserve better than that.

It makes you dependent: waiting for a reply, a compliment, or anything that is “important” to you from other people shows that you’re not independent nor self-sufficient.

So with that being said, here’s how to stop waiting:

Learn to embrace your alone time:  Being alone is a perfect time to think, reflect, read, think, decide…

Learn to have fun by yourself: Go to the movies, to a restaurant, do everything you want to do, by yourself and you’ll see how much fun you’ll have.

Get yourself busy with activities you love: Enroll with dancing, singing, swimming, reading, or writing anything that makes you happy. Just make yourself always busy.

Focus on your self-love journey: Ahhhh, self-love! A long super worthy journey one should go through.

Focus on your growth: Keep learning, building, and fixing yourself to a better you and a happier you.

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