How to cut toxic people from your life

After spotting a toxic person in your life, it’s time to take action. (If you haven’t seen my previous post about how to spot one click here).

Spotting a toxic person needs observation, but cutting them off is the tricky part. Cutting a toxic person is full of tricks and games that needs to be taken into consideration before ending it.


Be very, very clear with the person about your intentions, be direct, and state your thoughts. There’s no need to explain yourself. Just rip that band-aid quick and go. No, that was a joke.


SETTING BOUNDARIES is really important when cutting someone off, especially a toxic person. They keep a safe distance between you and the other person, but what’s more important here is to never break and give them another chance to cross those boundaries. Don’t ask about their well-being one year from now. It is not your job.


Toxic people aren’t your job to treat and try to fix at all. They usually show up when they need something, particularly during crisis moments in their own lives. If you still feel like you want to help them with their big problem, and it’s a really dangerous crisis, you can redirect them to a professional to handle the situation. Solving their problems is beyond your capacities, and it will end up hurting you.


Toxic people often make it seem like they “need you” because they’re always in crisis. But the important thing to know is that these are crises of their own making.

Toxic people create drama deliberately to attract more attention and engage in manipulation, so remember this the next time they ask you to run to their side. You might feel bad, but remember that you’re not dealing with a genuine person in distress.


While fighting a toxic person to cut them off completely, your energy, your time, and mental well-being are wasted. You need a good and healthy source to refuel. Go back to a good friend or a close family member and hang out for a while, and if you don’t feel like it, keep a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with YOURSELF.

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