Give back this Christmas 2020

Giving back this Christmas is very special after everything we’ve been through. So we made you a list of NGOs you can donate to or even volunteer:

Red cross

After the 4th august explosion, the increase of corona cases in lebanon, The Lebanese Red Cross has shown nothing but pure work and energy to rescue and help all people in need. This is a very important donation to be made.


The main focus of LFB is to feed those in need in Lebanon, without discrimination on the basis of religion, political affiliation, geographic location, sexual orientation, race, or nationality, as well as raising awareness about food waste and ways of better managing food resources. So take action: donate, volunteer.

The House of Christmas

The House of Christmas (HOC) was set up by a group of Lebanese friends living locally and globally and working in various sectors including medical, law, finance, real estate and telecom. Our aim is to reach out to families in need we identify and personally meet through a framework we have set up covering various regions across Lebanon. Volunteer, Donate and Collaborate.


FoodBlessed is a local hunger-relief initiative that works with businesses and the civil society to reduce the number of people going hungry in Lebanon. Donate here!



BASSMA is an organization deeply committed to providing empathetic care and the highest quality of services to children and families in need. Donate here!

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