20 Minutes Fat Burning Routine

Fat burning can be a difficult task for a lot of people; not the right diet and foods, not the right exercises, even an unhealthy lifestyle can worsen this process.

Life now has become nothing but a rush. We’re suffering from fomo: “fear of missing out” on our daily tasks. So usually we have no time to go to the gym perhaps or in this year’s case, Lockdown! Luckily there is a solution for this.

The Body Wizards team has put 20 minutes Fat burning routine that has shown big and important results in a short amount of time.

2 Rounds:

45-sec work / 15-sec rest

◾Jumping Jacks

◾High knees

◾Mountain climbers

◾Jumping lunges

◾Steam engine squats

◾Bicycle crunches


◾Tuck jumps

◾Spider crunches

◾Jumping in and outs

For best results: Do this workout first thing in the morning before eating anything, just drink a cup of water and start right away, it will boost your metabolism by 3 times its original value.

To see their work and the video for instructions click down below and if it doesn’t work click here:

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