We Created A Planner!!

Yes, we worked really hard to get you an exclusive Ja’s lifestyle digital planner!

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A planner will help you organize your daily, weekly and even monthly tasks all in just one book.

Okay let’s break down the content.

In this planner you’ll get 53 weekly planners, and 12 monthly planners.

Weekly Planning Sheet

In the weekly planner, you’ll find small sections based on the day of the week, to put everything you need to achieve by the end of this specific day, in addition to a small section of weekly goals that are needed to achieve by the end of the selected week.

Monthly Planner Sheet

In the monthly planner sheet, you’ll find four/five weeks sections for each week’s goals and general tasks, with of course a section for your monthly goals.

The color has been chosen to ensure the comfort of your vision, when using our digital planner.

And buy our planner and live your life more organized, and meet your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

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