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  • How to take care of your mental health

    How to take care of your mental health

    Taking care of your mental health is becoming more and more a necessity and more common nowadays. A lot of us don’t know how to properly take care of our mental health So here’s a guide on how to do so in the most beneficial way possible. Practice gratitude: Keep a journal with you so you […]

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  • Journal (how to)

    Journal (how to)

    Lately people have been talking about journaling, writing in their journal… It isn’t something new, you’ve probably used a diary when you were younger and now stopped. In this article we will focus on why keeping a journal is important nowadays. Let’s start with the benefits you gain from journaling: Manage anxiety Reduce stress Cope […]

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  • 10 signs you need a break urgently

    10 signs you need a break urgently

    We all hit rock bottom at some point of our lives. Burnouts are more and more common, progressive depression and chrocnic fatigue are sadly became a normal routine. But it’s never too late to take a break. Here’s 10 signs your body is telling you it needs a break. 1- You get sick more often […]

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  • my current favorite recipe

    my current favorite recipe

    That you should definitely try! I love trying out new recipes, and this is a very interesting way to keep me on track, because i decided to turn my diet into plant-based only! (cheering sounds) For this meal i used to follow a recipe with meat in it. But luckily i found a delicious recipe […]

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  • how to celebrate small success and why it’s important?

    how to celebrate small success and why it’s important?

    All our lives, we’re wired to wait for big things to be happy about, a big announcement, big achievement are worth celebrating. But the process leading us to get that big announcement or achieve that big goal is important and there’s a rollercoaster of small successes that are worth celebrating that we ignore. (cute gifs […]

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  • 10 Must-try matcha recipes that will blow your mind

    10 Must-try matcha recipes that will blow your mind

    Matcha is the world’s new favorite drink, and we have some good news for you. We love matcha and it is really important to share this wonderful addition to our favorite recipes. Shop some organic matcha from amazon! Find more on our Pinterest, We post new recipes pins everyday! So Here are Our Favorite 10 […]

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