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Home Office

Working from home created a new chaotic household disaster. Moving your office, files, laptop, and your work stuff to your home has become a tricky business. But no problem has no solution at Ja’s Lifestyle! We had the honor of re-interviewing Jessica Abou Jaoude and get some ideas and a simple focus-list to turn your

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How to prepare yourself for a friend’s move

Change is hard, especially when it’s a permanent change in your circle. Having a friend move away from you and headed to another part of the country is hard, painful, and full of unwanted change that can mess with your routine. 2020 has sure been a hard year on all of us, and many of

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Covid Job.

Many of us are working from home, online in front of a screen for a long time. Everything changed with Covid, but with every change, our way of living should change too. When exposed to long screen sessions, your eyes can dry out, and get more and more tired. It can be called a computer

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